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Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Manager’s Name)

I am interested in applying for the full time position as a Senior Office Clerk as posted on Website.  Enclosed is my resume for your reference.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in Feb 2007. Since then, I’ve performed seven years of administrative experience.  In that time, I’ve gained in depth knowledge of the various tasks and duties required of office clerks across the spectrum of job roles. I have a wide ranging familiarity with Microsoft Office and other office management software, and have developed a suite of efficiency tools to keep the office organized and on task.

Working as Head Office Clerk at Omega Corporations has prepared me to meet the challenges of a managerial role in professional office environment. I have shown my competency in clerical duties such as filing, typing, answering phone calls, and dealing with public. I simplified the process of retrieving data from the computer systems, maintaining departmental records, and typing daily reports, which allowed the company to save $24,000 in labour cost annually. In addition, I was responsible for supervising and training a staff of three regular clerks and four interns. I believe that my proven managerial skills and cost cutting abilities, I can contribute effectively to your company and be a valuable employee.

Additionally, I worked at Land’s End Industries where I handled the payroll activities for 60+ employees, answered an average of 40 calls per day and improved customer service rating by 15% via training other employees in new service techniques. Throughout my tenure I was reputed for taking the initiative, welcoming challenges, and scrutinizing alternatives to overcome obstacles.

I would be thrilled to have an opportunity to personally interview with you. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.  Thank you for your consideration.




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Dear Mr. Pettibon,

I was excited to learn that your law firm is seeking a Clerk Typist as I am both interested in the legal industry while also having superior dictation skills. I am able to accurately type over 100 words per minute with minimal errors. After high school I completed a technical certificate program as a Clerk Typist and now have gained two years of office experience.

My current position as a Clerk Typist is at Rand McNally where I am expected to take dictation and write letters memorandums and reports with high accuracy and speed. In order to accomplish this I rely on excellent grammar punctuation and keyboarding skills. I am good at taking direction from superiors.While I do enjoy my current role I have always wanted to use my skills in a law firm. I could bring my strong dictation skills to good use while preparing letters reports and other documentation with great accuracy. I also understand the high confidentiality needs a law firm requires.

I believe I would be a strong asset to Johnson Pettibon & Moore P.C. if selected as the new Clerk Typist. I invite you to call me to schedule an interview. I am reachable by telephone.


Ian Smith

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