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Students always ask about the essays. We get it: between topic selection, length, style, and message, there is a lot to think about. To make matters worse, you're probably also wondering what we'll think. We realize that the essay process is not an easy process (unless you drop one "s" and swap the other...bad joke?). So it's our pleasure to share with you some essays penned by recent applicants to Tufts—essays that stuck with us, essays that mattered.

What we love about these pieces is that they capture the distinct voices of the applicants. Some were conversational, some sarcastic, some compellingly serious—but they all forged a powerful human connection with us: the readers. They helped to set these students apart in our applicant pool because we could picture them as human beings and community members. They made us pause to laugh, think, or shout to the nearest fellow reader, "This kid is incredible." We hope that these essays will inspire you to find your unique voice as you craft your stories in the months to come and even—dare we say it?— to have some fun.

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Essay about Reflecting on My Past, Present and Future

2212 WordsDec 28th, 20129 Pages

Reflecting on My Past, Present, and Future
Diana Koch Jones
PSY 202
Laura Prout
November 12, 2012

Outline Reflecting on My Past, Present, and Future
Thesis Statement: Our past creates the foundation that brings us to our present. Throughout life we are faced with choices. Those choices determine what road we travel. The past cannot be changed, only learned from. What we choose to do with those lessons will determine how we live our present and by our choices within our present we can go anywhere we want to with our future. The choice is ours to make.

I. eflecting on My What was your family like? A. Youngest of eight children B. Open and honest communication C. Close relationships II. Who were the…show more content…

I started out in a sales position with the goal of owning my own business and within a few years I was the owner of a lucrative cleaning company which afforded me the flexible schedule I desired and the income I needed to maintain the lifestyle I wanted. I never forgot what the most important things in life were even through my success. It’s not what we become on the outside for those are things that are fleeting; it is what we are within ourselves that lasts a lifetime. I say that because things and people can be taken from us. The strength within will keep us going even when our world is falling apart. I married in June of 1984 and had my first son January of 1987. Life was good and it seemed like nothing could ever make that feeling disappear. I was grateful for my family and enjoyed the life we had. But just as I stated earlier that which is on the outside is fleeting, I experienced that first hand when I suffered through the death of my husband. I found myself alone, feeling abandoned and responsible for the life of my young son and not knowing what to do. I wish that on no one. I am grateful for the family I have for they were my strength when I had none left and they were my encouragement when I thought I had nothing left to give. I spoke of choices earlier and I faced a huge choice at that time in my life. I could have given up, embraced the

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