Stupid Essay

An Essay On Being Young And Stupid

You might think these words always come easy to me, but they don’t.

A lot of times I sit in front of this screen, write a sentence, delete it, then delete the one before it, before deleting the entire damn article.

It’s hard to write, which is probably why so many people don’t do it.

They don’t think their words are worthy. I know I believe mine aren’t half the time.

Do you read my stuff? All the time?

I’ve posted about 300 articles since I began writing on the internet. That means I’ve sat down in front of my computer at least 300 times and wrote something with my heart leading the way.

My life hasn’t been easy the past couple years.

Strip away all the rhetoric and the stupid writing tricks and I’m a pretty angry person. I am. I’m a jealous person, too.

I feel I’m not appreciated. I feel that those closest to me probably haven’t read half of the shit I post on the internet.

I feel I hardly ever get back what I put in from people. I feel I pour words onto a page to get silence in return. I feel people don’t understand me at all half the time.

Sometimes there’s no respect for the writer.

I get both ends of the spectrum. Sometimes I write something sappy that gets 0 views. Sometimes I write something substantial that gets 20,000.

Is this what being young is?

Feeling unappreciated? Feeling like nobody gives a damn about what you’re doing? Seeing your friends make waves in life while you’re still struggling?

There’s so much jealousy, I have to be honest.

But then again I act like my hands are spick and span.

There’s things I’ve done and am currently doing that makes me ashamed of myself. And here I am asking for appreciation from people.

Don’t I have to work on my shit, too?

Maybe I’m not getting appreciation because I don’t deserve it. Or maybe I’m not getting appreciation because nobody knows how to show it.

Is this what being young is?

Over-selling our accomplishments while under-selling our deficiencies?

Maybe it’s because we’re trying to prove something to the world.

It’s tough to be young.

Sometimes I wish I’d be able to disappear from the world for a bit and see who gave enough of a shit to find me.

I’ve done it before and some of those closest to me decided not to follow.

There’s no worse feeling than that.

When am I going to find someone worth their salt? Somebody who does read every article I write, and knows what’s happening with me before I have to say anything?

It seems I can be that way with everyone else.

Why not me?

I’m 24 and I’ve failed at love so many times. I’m chasing a lifestyle I may never catch.

What the hell am I doing?

These thoughts kept me up half the night yesterday. My heart was pounding into two and three a.m. I sat in bed staring at the darkened shades of my room, wondering about my place in this world.

People can be so cruel.

Normally I’m happy. Normally I’m pretty optimistic, but there’s two sides to everybody, and I feel these words — otherwise I wouldn’t write them.

Somehow I’m always the one to re-build bridges somebody else burned.

Somehow I’m always the one to make the first AND last effort.

Somehow I’m wrong about asking for appreciation for those things.

Am I imagining things? Am I picking the wrong friends? Am I under-selling my deficiencies?

Does anybody even fucking care?

Probably not.

Essay about Is Google Making Us Stupid?, by Nicholas Carr

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With the rise of technology and the staggering availability of information, the digital age has come about in full force, and will only grow from here. Any individual with an internet connection has a vast amount of knowledge at his fingertips. As long as one is online, he is mere clicks away from Wikipedia or Google, which allows him to find what he needs to know. Despite this, Nicholas Carr questions whether Google has a positive impact on the way people take in information. In his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr explores the internet’s impact on the way people read. He argues that the availability of so much information has diminished the ability to concentrate on reading, referencing stories of literary types who no longer…show more content…

Carr effectively gains ground with his audience, regardless of whether they are a literary type or one who has just happened across the article. As Carr continues, he speaks of his extended use of the internet over the last decade, explaining that all information that he once painstakingly searched for is done in minutes with the use of search engines. In doing this, Carr places blame on the internet for breaking his ability to concentrate. Carr presents his arguments in a way that his readers could easily agree. He gradually works up to the idea that the internet has weakened his ability to focus, and as he does this he makes several general statements about the internet’s nature. These points on the net’s nature are so basic that any reader of his article would be inclined to agree with them, and this lends itself to help readers believe the argument Carr wishes to propose. Because it would be hard to provide factual evidence to support his claims, Carr effectively uses logical reasoning to convince the reader. Carr’s repeated references to his colleagues helps to strengthen his argument as well. These stories provide some insight into the issue. It would appear that Carr’s suspicions hold weight due to the testimonies of his peers, and this allows him to

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