Pink Slip Missing Assignments Notice

How to Use

1. Create the Student Responsibility Form

Decide what behaviors you will want to address with your form. Some teachers use forms for missed homework assignments only. Other teachers choose to use them for certain types of off-task behavior. If you choose to use the Student Responsibility Form for more than one behavior, list the possibilities on the form. Check off the behavior before you hand the form to the student. Make a place for the student to explain why he or she demonstrated the behavior and a place for the student to sign the slip, indicating they acknowledge the infraction.

2. Set expectations

Once students have been taught procedures and expectations, they should be taught about the Student Responsibility Form procedure. Not following the set expectations means receiving a notification, just like students would receive when they have a job. It’s important that students understand that the teacher will show forms to their parents and administration, if necessary.

3. Decide on consequences

Decide and explain how students will be penalized as they accumulate Student Responsibility Forms. For example, three forms for off-task behavior could result in parent contact. Receiving a form for not completing a homework assignment could mean that 5 points will be taken off the weekly participation grade.

4. Distribute the form

Any time a student fails to meet a classroom expectation, hand him or her a Student Responsibility Form. Allow the student time to complete the form, explaining why he or she chose not to follow the classroom expectation.

5. File the form

Collect and place the form in the student’s file or in a filing system of your choice.

When to Use

Use Student Responsibility Forms to encourage accountability for behaviors you are trying to reduce in your classroom:
• Missing homework assignment
• Not having necessary supplies
• Not participating in class
• Distracting other students


Pink Slips - or Other Color Slips

Some teachers use colored paper for the Student Responsibility Forms and call the forms by that color. Pink is a popular color, so teachers can say they are issuing Pink Slips for behavior that is keeping students from the business of learning.

Parent Signature

You might decide to give further weight to the forms by having students take them home to be signed by a parent or guardian.

Class-wide Motivation System with Student Responsibility Forms

Depending on why you are issuing forms, you might want to have a competition between classes: the class with the fewest amount of issued forms each six weeks earns a reward. Or you could have a weekly class reward: if no Student Responsibility Forms are issued during the week, the class receives a reward.

Print This Tool

*Originally posted on E, Myself, and I (4/2011 and updated 8/2013).

EDITED TO ADD: My Missing Work Log/ “Yellow Sheet” is an idea I got from a veteran teacher during my field experience in college.  I have used it for eight years now with great success.  Many of my own colleagues (and lots of you – thanks to the ole internet) have also adapted this classroom routine, and I’ve received a lot of great feedback.  This year, I updated the sheet a little bit and made a simple printable version so it can be used in your class right away.  I hope you will find it useful…

To start, here’s a quick explanation of how the Missing Work Log works:

On the day an assignment is due, the rule in my classroom is that EVERYONE turns SOMETHING in.  If a student does not have his/her assignment, he/she must fill out one of these Missing Work Logs (which I affectionately call “The Yellow Sheet” because they are printed out bright yellow paper) and turn it in in place of said assignment.  Blank logs are kept in a stack at the front of my classroom, and my students know to grab one if they are missing an assignment on a due date. (Over the years, this journey to retrieve a yellow sheet at the front of the room has become known as the “walk of shame” in class.  It’s all in good humor; but, it does play on their pride and keep them in line a bit.)

The log itself asks for basic information like the assignment title, due date, and student signature.  Once it has been filled out and turned in, I keep the Missing Work log in my stack of collected papers for the assignment OR on my attendance clipboard so I know to remind those students constantly until the assignment is turned in.

The next day/week/month when the late assignment is (finally) turned in, I record the date it was turned in, the number of points deducted (based on school policy – ours is 10% per day late), and the final score.  **This version of the log also includes a spot to record contact with the student and parent about missing work too.  I don’t make personal contact for every missing assignment; but, it is nice to have a spot to record that information right there when I do.

The bottom portion of the sheet is detached when an assignment is turned in and stapled to the assignment, so the student (and parent) knows exactly why they got the score they did on an assignment.  The top portion gets filed and saved in my record.

 If the assignment never comes in, a zero is recorded in the grade book and the yellow sheet gets filed. These work GREAT on parent teacher conference day and help to keep me from being accused of losing student work, etc.

Here’s a closer look:

Click here to download the log as a PDF and start using it right away! (Again, I usually print mine on bright yellow paper so that they stand out among ALL the papers I usually have.)

I’ve had a lot of success using this method in my classroom and have received plenty of positive feedback from other teachers who have implemented it too.  I’d love to hear how it works for you if you decide to give it a try!

*One last thing… I didn’t include a watermark or copyright on the image itself (because, really, your students don’t need to read my blog); BUT, if possible, please PIN the images directly from this page & include a link back here if you share it on any social media.  I REALLY appreciate it!


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