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If you have any doubts about how to sign your cover letter, then you need to look no further. Read on for a few ideas on how to sign your resume's cover letter.

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How To Sign A Resume Cover Letter

The relation between a cover letter and a resume is the same as a preface and its corresponding book. This is what the reader reads before he/she views your resume, so it can be used to create a good first impression. First impressions go a long way and may even make the recruiter take more interest in reading your resume or curriculum vitae. Your cover letter must be crisp, professional and to the point. A lengthy cover letter is sure to lose the reader’s attention, so, ensure that yours is very succinct and precise. Cover letters usually end with phrases like “Thanks and Regards” or “Thanking You” or “Sincerely”, followed by your signature and name. If you are printing the cover letter, omit at least four lines between the typed salutation and your name to sign the cover letter. It is better to sign the cover letter by hand for a personal touch rather than use any image processing software or computer generated signature – use black or blue colored ink for signing professional letters. This way of showing personal interest and using black or blue ink to create an impression of professionalism can influence the recruiter’s mind in a subtle way and if your resume suits their needs, they might just consider you as a prospective employee even before they meet you.


Signing A Resume Cover Letter

  • The closure of the cover letter starts with phrases like “Sincerely”, “Best Regards”, “Warm Regards”, “Thanks and Regards”, “Thanking You”, etc. These phrases should end with a comma.

  • This should be followed by few empty lines and then with your full name. The empty space is for you to sign on the letter by hand.

  • If your signature is generally impossible to read, try to sign neatly so that the reader need not strain him/herself when attempting to read it.

  • Some offices who have trained professionals for handwriting analysis prefer hand signed letters for obvious reasons. You can use digital signatures only if you have to send the cover letter and the resume online. In such a case, you wouldn’t be able to sign it by hand so you can use a digital pen to copy your signature as an image that can be copied at the respective position. However, it is not mandatory and the cover letter can also be sent unsigned on mail.

  • Of the most commonly found ink colors (red, green, blue, purple and black), blue and black signify professionalism and are very often used for business letters. The same applies for the color of the signature in your cover letter. In short, stick to black and blue.

  • Your name typed below should contain your first name, last name and also your middle name, if you have any.

  • Your signature should not overlap the typed print. This is why you must leave enough space between the last two lines. The above mentioned estimate of four line-spaces would be sufficient for most signatures but if your signature is too big, you might need to add more empty lines accordingly.

  • Always remember to sign on your cover letter. Forgetting to sign after printing it is one of the most common mistakes made by people applying for jobs. This mistake conveys a message of irresponsibility and lack of attention to detail, when viewed from the employer’s perspective.

  • You need not type your postal address, email address or phone number below your name because these details are supposed to be mentioned at the beginning of the cover letter.

People in the field of recruitment tend to observe minute details to get hints of your personality and/or character. Minor details such as signing your cover letter, might sound a tad bit too irrelevant to you but they are observed and often scrutinized by the prying eyes of the recruiter. This is why it is important to understand what is expected and follow the same if we must win the employers’ approval.

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How to Sign a Cover Letter With Signature Examples

What should you include in your signature when you're writing a cover letter to apply for a job? It varies, depending on how you are applying for the position. The format and information included in your signature is different for mailed, uploaded, and emailed cover letter documents. 

How to Sign a Cover Letter That's Uploaded or Mailed 

If you're uploading your cover letter to a job site, your signature will simply include a closing and your full name.

Place a comma after your close (e.g. Best, or Sincerely yours,) and then put your name on the line below. 

When you're sending a written letter, include a closing, your handwritten signature, and your typed full name. Leave several spaces between the close and your typed name. That way, you'll have room for your signature when you print out the letter. Sign using either blue or black ink. 

For uploaded or mailed cover letters, you do not need to include as much information as you would in an email message. That's because the heading of your cover letter includes your contact information.

A paper cover letter is a formal business style letter of application which includes a heading, salutation, the body of the letter, closing, and your signature. Review these guidelines for what to include in your letter.

How to Sign an Email Cover Letter

If you are sending your cover letter or inquiry letter by email, end with a polite sign-off followed by your full name.

 You do not need to sign a cover letter that is being sent electronically. Write out your full name in the same font as the rest of the letter (no need for italics or a handwriting font). 

The formatting here is very similar to an uploaded cover letter. However, emails do not have a header with your phone number or other contact information.

 It's a good idea to include these details in your closing paragraph or after your typed signature. This makes it easy for the employer or networking contact to get in touch with you.

You can also include links to online portfolios (if appropriate) or a link to your professional social media account (LinkedIn, Twitter). You don't want to make this section too cluttered, however, so restrict yourself to the most relevant information. 

Here's how to set up an email signature, along with more advice on what to include in it (and what to leave off). 

Cover Letter Document Signature Examples

Here's how your signature should look: 

Closing, (see sample closings)

Handwritten Signature (for mailed letters only)

FirstName LastName

For example (signed letter):

Best Regards,

Janet Dolan (Your Signature)

Janet Dolan

For example (uploaded letter):

Best Regards,

Janet Dolan

Email Cover Letter Signature Examples

When you are sending email cover letters, it's important to include contact information so the hiring manager can easily view how to contact you. At the least, you should include your name, email address, and phone number. Other information, like your street address, online portfolio, or social media accounts, is considered optional.

Sample Email Signature
Your Name

Sample Email Signature With Full Address
Your Name
Street Street
City, State, Zip

Sample Email Signature With LinkedIn
Your Name
LinkedIn Profile (Optional)

Sample Email Signature With Twitter
Your Name
LinkedIn Profile (Optional)
Twitter Account (Optional)

Quick Tip:  Don't use your work email address for job searching. Use your personal email account or set up a unique account to use just for your job hunt. There are many free online email services, like Gmail and Yahoo mail, you can use to set up a new email account for your job search. Even though you are using your personal account, your email address should still be professional. Your best bet is some variation on first initial, last name (e.g., jdoe@gmail.com) or first name, last name (janedoe@gmail.com).

Here's how to set up an email account just for your job search.

How to Write a Cover Letter
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