United Chemical Company Case Study

Homework 1Module 1: Perform the ANALYSIS for United Chemical Company and answer the questions. Be prepared to discuss in class and post in drop box. 1.What are the key problems with this portion of performance review.Sue was not convinced with Max at the end of review. Max shouldn’t have directly told about ”know it all attitude” of hers which made her mad. Conversation with Jack should have been different too suggesting him that he would take care of her. With this Jack is not convinced with Max and may result quitting or transfer.2.How would you use the knowledge and skills you have acquired thus far in this module to redesign the meeting between sue and max.Max: Hello Sue, how are you doing?Sue: I am doing good.Max: This is your first year at the company. How is your work going on so far?Sue: Work is great. I am keeping my maximum effort so that the company would be benifited by the services I am providing in completing the tasks assigned to me.Max: Yes you are outstanding in completing the tasks assigned to you and taking additional tasks if you have completed the tasks in given time. Even on the design work you have done is usually flawless. Keep it up with the work you are doing going forward . This is what the company needs a person like you.

An integrated workplace management system gave Dow Chemical a complete real-time view of their space capacity and use

Real estate can generate improvement for a corporation’s financial performance, whether it’s a new location providing capital to support revenue growth or underused locations that are consolidated to significantly reduce operating costs. That’s why Dow sees its real estate as a key strategic asset and uses an advanced integrated workplace management solution to gain tight control of its facilities worldwide. The solution seamlessly integrates space management, capital projects and facility maintenance, providing a single system to improve facilities-related operating and financial performance. The company not only gains a holistic and current view of its real estate performance but can also easily identify program funding priorities and analyze large-scale capital project risks and benefits with automatic project management controls within minutes versus several months. And integrated digital floor plans help capture previously inaccessible facilities space usage data for analysis, transforming space use and real estate management processes from reactive to proactive. Based on new insights, the company can redefine office standards and densifications, allowing it to accommodate growth without leasing more space. In one instance, it added 5,000 employees to an existing facility without incurring real estate costs.

Solution components

  • IBM® TRIRIGA® Capital Projects Manager
  • IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager
  • IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager
  • IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Operations Manager
  • IBM TRIRIGA CAD Integrator/Publisher
  • IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Esri Geographic Information System
  • IBM Business Partner Computerized Facility Integration, LLC
  • IBM Business Partner Esri

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